4th December 2017

Partners – CEIT

Asociacion Centro Technologico Ceit-IK4 LogoAsociacion Centro Technologico Ceit-IK4
Location: San Sebasti√°n, Spain
Link: http://ceit.es/en/

Centre profile:

Ceit-IK4 is a non-profit research centre that was created by the University of Navarra in 1982. Our primary mission is to carry out applied industrial research projects under contract, working closely with our clients’ R&D departments.

Ceit-IK4 promotes excellence in applied research by publishing non-confidential results, disseminating scientific and technical knowledge in a variety of venues, and training doctoral students within the framework of industrial research projects.

Ceit-IK4 seeks regular collaboration with companies in a range of sectors (railway, aeronautical, automotive, health, manufacturing, energy and environment) and strives to understand all aspects of our clients’ business in order to develop high value-added solutions through applied investigation projects. In addition to offering innovative solutions to our clients, Ceit-IK4 trains young researchers who are preparing to join the labour market and add value to the production system.

Laser and Additive Manufacturing Group:

The group of Laser and Additive Manufacturing is a multidisciplinary group that focuses its research activity in two main lines:

  1. Additive manufacturing: design for additive manufacturing, development and optimization of the LMD process (Laser Metal Deposition), metal powder manufacturing and post-processing through HIP.
  2. Laser processing of materials for a range of applications, including solar cells, semiconductor lasers and biomaterials. Techniques include laser interference lithography, laser direct write ablation and femtosecond waveguide writing in glass.

Project Roles:

  • Study of surface interactions with pulsed laser interference patterns.
  • Design and prototyping of laser interference lithography systems for in-situ application.
  • Synthesis of nanopatterned SPR sensors & ZnO Nanowires.
  • Contributes to project management through leadership of WP2 and through dissemination and exploitation tasks


Dr. Santiago M Olaizola leads the Nanostencil activity at CEIT. He is head of the photonics team in the Unit of Microsystems within which research is focused in the field of micro/nano fabrication methods using pulsed and ultrafast laser sources. In this area, he has developed multi-beam interference tools for industrial laser processes and currently he is also involved in the development of robust surface micro/nanofabrication processes using ultrafast laser sources.

Contact: yolaizola@ceit.es